Discover The Exact Roadmap High-Performers Are Using To Reach New Levels Of Success In Just 90-Days


Are you a high-performer who puts your time and energy into your longterm vision and goals more than your daily habits?

You're not alone. You are driven by status, profit, personal growth, and success and have big ideas about your future. But the one thing holding you back is how you're choosing to spend each minute. You're so concerned about what's coming and how to make your dreams a reality that you're forgetting about the present. What you do today is building what you want tomorrow...and who you will become in the future.

The 90-Day Habit Reset Program is the guide you've been looking for...


What if you had one tool that could guarantee sustained success? 

I was looking for this just a few years ago. My long-term vision for my life wasn't aligning with the season I was in and success came in waves but never seemed to stick.

The possibility of a THRIVING business was at my fingertips. But as a busy mom of four, I noticed what stood in my way was the time, energy, and health I needed to scale. 

I thought I had to delay success because I was (and am) a mother first. But the truth is...all I had to do was dial in my habits!

Dialing in my habits took me to 5-figure months my very FIRST month going full-time without costing me the relationships I hold most dear.

Often my clients come to me with a willingness to do the work, but they just don't know why their hard work is still falling short.

âś“ Are you facing burnout?

✓ Are you living an unhealthy lifestyle even though you know all the "right" things you "should" be doing?

✓ Are you struggling to genuinely enjoy the life you have worked so hard to build?

As successful high-performers, we often feel like frauds! You might think to yourself: "How can I call myself a leader and high performer if my life is falling apart around me?"

Maybe you’re spinning in...

  1. Feelings of inadequacy no matter the amount of success you've obtained.
  2. You're stuck inbetween procrastination and over-commitment and it's hurting your relationships.
  3. You're grappling with an identity that is keeping you from living out the healthiest version of yourself. 

So why have you not yet broken the cycle of these bad habits?

Because whatever you’ve tried before hasn’t worked!

I've been there too. I would try all these "secrets" or "blueprints" to try to uncover my way to a life I wanted, but when I stopped trying the one-size-fits-all methods and (instead) dug deep into my habits and what was both holding me back AND what would fast-track me forward, THAT is when real change started to happen.

Here's the good news...

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is easily bridged by taking a look at your habits and being intentional with each and every one!

Joanna Wang

"Amanda was amazing at helping me reset my habits. She was phenomenal teaching me to get in touch with my emotions and connecting my intrinsic and extrinsic motivation so I was setup for success. I’m so excited that what I learned from her I can carry with me for the rest of my life. What you’ll learn through this program won’t just help you with the next steps but for the next steps to come! I highly recommend working with Amanda!"

Jamie Robbins

"Working with Amanda has been one of the best investments I have made. I knew my mindset was keeping me from so many things, but most of all it was keeping me from moving forward. I was stuck. Not only was a lack of good habits keeping me from success, my negative habitual thoughts were keeping me from forming the good habits I needed. But Amanda gave me the tools I needed to step out of the cycle I was in so I can focus on the growth and success I desire in every area of my life. I'm so grateful!"

What if I told you that you didn’t HAVE to stay stuck AND you truly can have a life outside of work, improved health, a powerful mindset, a successful business, and more? 

Would you believe me if I told you that you don’t have to leap over hurdles, jump through hoops, empty your pockets, or block off hours and hours to create the life you want AND enjoy it?

You don’t have to...

❌ Buy dozens of books - because it feels good to have the tools on your bookshelf, but you never get around to implementing what you're learning.

❌ Listen to ALL the popular self-help podcasts - but you’re not sure how to distinguish who the experts are that you should take advice from and they don't go deep enough into providing an actual roadmap to change.

❌ Sign up for another $1000+ course - but it doesn't get to the root of the issue at hand. It only gives you a longer to-do list that you don't have time for and your mindset stays stuck in the same cycles.

Stop doing the things above and just do ONE thing!


Join A 90-Day Habit Reset for High Performers 

Do the INNER work that's going to impact ALL areas of your life: work, relationships, health, and most of all...your biggest asset...the mind!


A Roadmap To Habit Building That STICKS!

You will receive habit-related trainings, resources, and new content each week. The curriculum is designed to take you through a process that will have you moving in the right direction and breaking down barriers that have been standing in your way both personally and professionally. This roadmap is easy-to-follow and will have you referring back to it again and again. It is NOT a one-size-fits all approach so be ready to bring your unique qualities into the process!

Proven Techniques And Research Backed Strategies For How Your Mind Creates Habits

With years of experience as a certified High Performance Coach working with hundreds of high performing clients, I have gathered some of the most effective resources centered around habits because I know that is where true change begins! I'll also share guided videos to make learning easy-to-apply. Knowledge without action won't get you anywhere, so be ready to be challenged in all the best ways!

A FREE coaching call with Amanda Foust

If you make it all the way through the 90-Day program, you will get a free coaching call with me in the final week (a $300 value!!!) to help you with next steps and to keep you moving forward with great momentum. This call will cover ANY of the main topics from the 90 Days that you choose to help push you even further in the area where you feel the most stuck!

Hi! I'm Amanda Foust

The purpose of my life is to live fully engaged and growth-oriented to empower others to do the same. Beyond my leadership degree, my training consists of certifications in both high-performance coaching and life coaching. I've been trained in neuroplasticity, the science of well-being, as well as several positive psychology practices. The time I spend developing myself as a coach is so I can pour into my clients and confidently know that they are receiving the best tools, resources, and support to help them reach their goals.


3 monthly payments


  • Weekly training videos from a certified High Performance coach
  • Worksheets and resources for reflection and taking quick action
  • High Performance exercises related to mindset and habit topics
  • Researched proven-methods for sustainable and holistic transformation
  • After completing final week, earn a free 1:1 coaching call


One-time payment


Most Popular

  • Weekly training videos from a certified High Performance coach
  • Worksheets and resources for reflection and taking quick action
  • High Performance exercises related to mindset and habit topics
  • Researched proven-methods for sustainable and holistic transformation
  • After completing final week, earn a free 1:1 coaching call

It's Time To Transform Your Life By Changing Your Habits in Just 90-Days

The life you've dreamed of is not on the other side of your big-picture vision...it's on the other side of your day-to-day habits, so it's time to tackle them once and for all!