3 Simple Tips to Build Good Habits & Make Them Stick

When you hear the word “habit,” you likely think of something negative. Biting your nails, procrastinating, or scrolling through social media could be just a few things that pop into your mind. But habits aren’t all bad. In fact, you actually need good habits in your life if you want to be a high performing individual.


When you develop and maintain good habits, they can get you where you want to go faster. While it definitely takes discipline, the result is far worth the effort. So what are some tips on building good habits, but more importantly making them stick? 


Keep reading to find out!


Start Small

Let’s be honest, once you’re in the mindset to make healthy changes, you’re all in! It can be tempting to completely overhaul your lifestyle or work ethic, but the fact is, starting small almost certainly guarantees your habits will stick.


If you set out with too many things to tackle, you’re much more likely to lose steam because you have too much on your plate!


It’s ok to set out with one or two habits you’d like to change. You’re not selling yourself short! In fact, you’re putting your best foot forward.


When you have just one or two things to work on, you can dedicate the time, passion, and energy towards making sure they happen. Start small, and you’ll end up with big results.


Set a Short Time Limit

When it comes to setting goals and making them stick long term, it’s a good idea to set a short time limit to achieving them. That way, the habits are attainable and you can easily feel a sense of accomplishment.


Rather than start with a goal that has a 12-month deadline, set one that can be established in 90 days. 


Perhaps you’d like a bigger presence on social media. Instead of focusing on growing your audience by 2,000 a year from now by committing to daily engagement, start by establishing a habit like engaging with your followers four times a week for one month at a time.


You are still working towards a habit of regular engagement, but you’re doing it in a realistic and attainable way.  In the end, your habit is reinforced and every month will likely end up with the same goal.


Reward Yourself

While the establishment of a habit that sticks is the true reward, it’s a hard fought battle. And what tastes better at the end of a victory? A reward!


Once you’ve gotten that habit down pat, it’s ok to celebrate in some small way. The important thing is to make sure your reward comes from within, or is intrinsic.


It’s common to reward yourself externally, like with a new piece of clothing or a tasty treat. But when you’re really trying to make long term changes, intrinsic rewards have been proven to be a better motivator.


Intrinsic rewards come from the actual act of your habit, like the reward of feeling healthier after a hard workout. They are unique to you and are a result of the habit you’re trying to establish.


There’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself in a tangible way from time to time, but keeping intrinsic rewards at the heart of motivation will keep you on the path to success.


How are you doing at setting new habits that stick? I’d love to help you figure out the best way to reach your goals through establishing healthy habits!


If you would like more support getting good habits established, be sure to download this free "How To Start A New Habit" guide here!


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