Introducing: Wake Up To Your Life

As we head into 2024, I am excited to share that I will have hit a big milestone: a decade of coaching! 

It has been an amazing (almost) decade of coaching high-performance business owners and leaders.

I have affirmed that I will continue to coach on the power of high-performance habits: clarity, productivity, energy, courage, and influence. But I also learned that one of the biggest patterns I see is that my clients have learned how to master habits and they are successful people, BUT they still need support to wake up to their life! 


They're going through the motions; they're doing their habits, but they're not awake to the life that those habits are creating.


Maybe you've felt that way, too.

You are pursuing clarity, increasing your productivity, and experiencing higher levels of energy through exercise and nutrition, but you're not able to really reap the benefits of a fully awake life because you're just on autopilot.

The beauty of habits is that they're on autopilot, but the power of habits is when we come alive because of the habits we are pursuing.


Mastering high-performance habits is the first level, but waking up to your life is the next step.


It's taking everything you learn from the high performance habits and then optimizing them so that you're awake to every single benefit that those habits bring you.

For example, you can feel energized, but are you awake to the things around you that bring you energy or are you awake to what you see because of the energy you've created? We can feel energy but can still be asleep to what that means in our life.

Pursuing clarity is another habit. It's one thing to say you have clarity, but it's another to be awake enough to see things clearly, see the path in front of you, and clearly see the future that you want to create for yourself.

That is next-level clarity!

I want to take my coaching next level, too. That's why I've thought long and hard about making sure my online presence and identity reflect this focus on helping high performers to wake up to their lives. 


So if you haven't heard already, this is my announcement that High Performance Insider is now officially: Wake Up To Your Life!


For me, this isn't just a website rebrand; it's a whole new way of looking at things and helping others to do the same.

Rest assured that just because you'll no longer find me at High Performance Insider, you'll still be getting all the tips and tricks to becoming the high performer you desire to be. Same concepts, just upleveled! 

Thanks for your continued support, and I can't wait to see where the future takes us.


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