5 Reasons You Need Accountability to Meet Your Goals

Goal setting is a big topic in the new year, but here's the thing...setting goals is not enough. You need a plan to put in place to make your goals a reality!


One part of that plan needs to be accountability.


Unless you have accountability, you’re probably going to give up before you reach all your goals.


In this article, I'm going to share about how accountability is important and how a coach can keep you on track for making 2021 productive for you.


1. Accountability Keeps Your Goals on Your Radar

We all set goals with the best intentions, but then life just gets in the way. A busy home life, work, kids sporting events and global issues (hello, pandemic) can easily come between you and your goals. It’s not uncommon to forget about them entirely!


That’s where a coach who offers accountability comes into play. They’ll check in on regular intervals and remind you of your endgame. They’ll offer the encouragement you want and the push you deserve to keep moving in the right direction.


2. Accountability Keeps You Showing Up

It’s super easy to give up on yourself, but it’s a little more difficult to give up when someone else is counting on you. That’s accountability.


When you shared your goals with a coach, mentor or accountability partner, you did so because you knew they would check-in and ask how you’re doing and how they can help. It makes giving up that much harder, and that’s a good thing!


3. Accountability Makes You More Productive

Along with actually helping you reach your goals in the end, having accountability also helps cut down on wasted time in the meantime.


Your coach is likely checking in on you and redirecting you to stay on course. They help to remove distractions and tasks that are not important. In the end, they are helping you walk the shortest path to success and removing barriers in front of you in the process.


4. Accountability Keeps You Engaged

Perhaps the most important aspect of having accountability, is that it keeps you engaged with your goals. Someone who is holding you accountable will be by your side to remind you of your goals and how to best attain them.


When people lose sight of their goals or lose motivation to achieve them, they give up. But a coach is there to keep you actively working towards them and troubleshooting when you need help to keep going.


5. Accountability Creates Ownership & Confidence

When it comes to reaching goals, at the end of the day, it’s your job. A coach or mentor may be there alongside you, but they won’t be the one taking home the prize for success––you will!


The beauty of accountability is that it creates a strong sense of ownership. The journey you travel instills a strong value of work and having someone to guide you is key. 


Finally, the end result of meeting your goals is confidence! Nothing gives you a boost quite like checking off a big goal you’ve been working towards for some time. The confidence you get from achieving your goals is what will carry you on towards the next big thing, and your coach will be right alongside you.


Have you experienced the power of accountability? Book a free call here to learn more about partnering with a High-Performance Coach and how I can provide this accountability to your big goals!


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