This Is How To Improve Yourself Every Day

James Clear once said, “change your habits, change your life.” As a big proponent of the power of healthy habits, I couldn’t agree more!


We all want some sort of transformation in our life. Whether it’s making small changes in our personal life, becoming a better parent or taking our business to the next level, most everyone wants to better themself in some way or another.


Many people believe that in order to transform, they have to completely overhaul their life. But I want to share a nugget of truth: it’s the small habits that transform.


When you think about it, it makes total sense. When you commit to following through with small habits, they add up over time: resulting in big change!


Making sweeping changes can also have a big effect, of course. However, as humans it can be super easy to drop those big changes when they become overwhelming. Admit it, you’ve let go of a New Year’s Resolution or two because it ended up being too dramatic!


Determine Your Direction

So how can you start initiating small habits and improve yourself every day? The first key is to identify where you want to go. Would you like to grow a certain aspect of your business? Do you want to make healthier choices? Think about your destination first. Where do you want to be? How can your habit get you there? 


Then, think about what might make you “fail?” Is it because you need to adjust your habits? Imagining the path to your goal will help refine your habit implementation so that you stay on the right path, failures included.


Get Positive

Next, be sure you are in a positive environment that will foster your goals. There are very few people who thrive in a negative place! As the person in charge, take ownership of your environment, surrounding yourself with positive people and resources that will get you to your goals.


Repeat. Then Repeat Again

What’s the last major thing? In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT. Don’t worry about being “ready” and delaying your habits. Don’t worry about the journey or the end, focus on starting and the rest will follow.


If you struggle, keep going. If you did it one day, do it again the next. Remember when I mentioned that small habits or changes add up to big transformation? This is your moment!


Repeating your habits every day is truly the key to huge changes, even if they aren’t perfect. But what if you miss a day? What if you lose steam or motivation? That’s ok, but how can you get back on track?


Take a few minutes to figure out a reward that will keep you going. Not a tangible one, as those won’t truly sustain you, but an intrinsic reward. These are crucial for maintaining your habits.


Improving yourself every day comes with hard work, but it’s worth every moment. Are you finding it hard to know where to start when it comes to habit development? We talk all about how to press on despite the lack of motivation, how to establish intrinsic rewards and why, and also how to be consistent with habits and MORE in my 90-Day Habit Reset course!


Feature image: Joyce Mcown via Unsplash


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