Here's How to Stop Being Busy All the Time

When it comes to being a high performer, a lot of people believe that the quickest way to reach success is to work harder. And working harder usually equates to being busy. After all, if you’re busy, you must be accomplishing a lot, right?


Not necessarily.


First, let’s admit that high performers have a natural tendency to be busy people. They are hard working, go-getters, and make things happen. That can often present itself as a constant state of frenzy. 


We’ve likely all been there, especially when we’re trying to launch a new business or level-up!


But let’s be honest––it’s not sustainable. And it’s also not productive!


A healthy high performer (or someone who is working towards health) spends their time and productivity working on the right next steps or their habits.


High performers who are in a healthy place aren’t thinking about how many meetings they can squeeze into a day or how they can fill their calendar. 


They’re thinking:


“What can I do now to get where I want to be?” or “How can I have success in my life?”


More importantly, a healthy high performer is working towards seeing themselves as the success, not just the money that’s pouring into their bank account.


In a study reported on by CNBC, it was found that top performing people actually have the same stress or less than an average person––not more. This is because of a commitment to work smarter and getting the “right” things done. 


The study found that high performing people are less likely to start projects they don’t finish, have an inbox full of unread emails, less likely to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or worried, and rarely miss deadlines.


A high performer is definitely someone who accomplishes a lot, but not due to an overwhelming sense of busyness.


Is there anything wrong with having a busy season? Are you failing if you have a day packed with tasks and meetings? Of course not.


What helps high performers towards success is handling everything in stride and embracing a sense of balance. Are your busy times balanced out by a time of self-care, introspection, and healthy habits that help to feed the other parts of you, not related to work? If not, it’s time to reevaluate whether your busyness is actually being counter-productive.


If you’re finding that you are stuck in a spiral of negativity and frustration that your hard work is getting you nowhere, it's time for a reset. And spoiler: all the self-help books, expensive courses, and lengthy podcasts aren’t going to do the trick.


While resetting your habits and learning to avoid pointless busyness is hard work, it only takes 90 days to get on track! Click here to learn more and then check out the Highest Potential Planner to keep your busyness in check.


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