Why You Need The Highest Potential Planner

We live in a digital world, where paper and pen is often considered “old school.” If you aren’t naturally a person who loves to write things down and check them off (guilty!) then the thought of using a paper planner may not appeal to you or may even sound like one extra task you need to check off every day.


However, using this kind of tool can help you be more intentional and strategic in meeting your goals. Not only that, it can provide an outlet for your creativity, memory keeping, and at the very least, your daily scheduling.


Once you’ve taken the plunge into paper planning, the next step involves deciding which one. A quick Google search can provide overwhelming results. I’m going to save you the trouble and share my favorite planning tool, The Highest Potential Planner.


As someone who went through a period of time where I was trying all.the.planners. I can tell you from experience that this one is the best!


If you asked me what habit/discipline I would recommend you start TODAY, this would be it!


This planner is a day scheduler and productivity journal with weekly and monthly assessment blocks. Using this planner doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch the digital. You can still keep all your regular appointments, especially those months down the road, on your phone or computer that’s shared with family.


What using this planner does mean is using the included tools within the daily pages to help you be the most successful you can be. Some of these include planning prompts that provide you with time for reflection, intention, mindset work, and action steps, and access to quarterly high-performance coach training videos and resources so that you can work with a coach and get exclusive access for just the price of the planner! 


Be proactive with your time instead of reactive with weekly planning pages that include room for project planning and habit tracking as well. Support your long-term goals with monthly planning pages including a monthly review.


What also sets this planner apart is the way it is supposed to be used. Unlike a regular planner where you plan months in advance, the Highest Potential Planner is used one day at a time. When you spend your allotted time sitting down on a daily basis to plan your day, the time allows for maximum anticipation for what’s to come that day. Visualization for how you want each task to go is key. It’s an intentional practice that requires diligence, but it is so worth it!


The most important takeaway is how this planner will help you to hone in on how you did throughout each week and how you can improve going forward.


If you can’t tell, the Highest Potential Planner is a passion of mine and has helped me zero-in on how to improve myself and my business. I recommend this planner with no doubts!

In my High-Performance Coaching program, I equip my clients with the planner and use it as a tool throughout the program. Click here for more information about my services or sign up below and check out the Highest Potential Planner here!


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