The Power of Consistency: It’s About Giving Your All, Not Always 100%

discipline Mar 12, 2024

Consistency is often thought of as the relentless pursuit of perfection and an unwavering commitment to always giving 100%. When we don't give it our all, we feel bad and sometimes give up altogether.

But that's not what consistency is!

It's not about being perfect all the time––it's more about giving whatever you have in your capacity, even if it's not always 100%.

Jim Kwik perfectly articulated:

"On the days you only have 40%, and you give 40%, you gave 100%"

It can be SO easy to get sucked into our fast-paced world and the pressure to excel in every aspect of our lives. Whether it's in our careers, relationships, health goals, or personal development, we often strive for perfection, aiming to give nothing less than our absolute best at all times. While this mindset can be motivating, it can also be exhausting and unsustainable.

Just like Jim Kwik said, it's not about giving 100% all the time. It's about showing up, day in and day out, and giving...

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The Key to Discipline

discipline Jan 30, 2024

Be honest: when you hear the word DISCIPLINE, what comes to mind?

Is it positive or negative? Is it constantly having to say "no" and having to avoid pleasures (like your favorite foods)?

As children, we were disciplined when we didn't follow the rules or made poor choices. As adults, we use the phrase in a variety of situations, such as trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's just human nature to keep associating the word DISCIPLINE with less-than-pleasurable situations.

But did you know that the word “discipline” is from the Latin word disciplina, meaning “instruction and training.” It is actually derived from the root word "discere" which means ”to learn!” The concept of deprivation or punishment isn't even part of the definition!


Exploring the Concept of Discipline

Knowing that discipline isn't all about missing out on life's joys, I wanted to share a new definition of the word discipline (I wish I could credit the original...

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