Embracing Conflict: Why Having Difficult Conversations is Vital to Waking Up to Your Life

Picture this: you're making your way through your work day and walk past the desk of an employee who hasn't been following through on their duties. You know this has been happening for quite some time but there's been no improvement. It's time to have a difficult conversation but you are most definitely not looking forward to it.

In fact, you are both internally and externally cringing at the thought of sitting down to have that discussion.

You are not alone.

Most people do not look forward to having difficult conversations, myself included. But in the last decade as a business owner, I have had to have countless hard conversations as the leader running a team, having clients, and being a service provider.

Yes, I've even had to have hard conversations WITH my clients!

If I didn't, I wouldn't even have a business.

The same is true for my personal relationships. I've seen firsthand how having a difficult conversation, while it can be super uncomfortable, ...

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