4 Ways a Paper Planner Changes Everything for High Performers

Have you become so busy that you have neglected the practice of using a planner? If you’re like most of the clients I coach, you’ve fallen into a rut of clicking “accept” on every event that passes through your inbox, from Zoom meeting invitations and party invites. You likely send your daily routine straight to your Google calendar and rely on its notifications to manage your days and weeks. 

You are flying through life living from one Google notification to the other. 

Do you ever feel like your schedule is running your life and wonder if you’ll ever get to be in charge again? 

If this sounds like your current rhythm, I want to express how deeply I understand. Being a busy business owner, wife of an entrepreneur, and mom of four young children who still need help with their homework and a ride to EVERY activity, I couldn’t relate more. That’s why I am so passionate about something that has become so useful and invaluable to me: the old-fashioned pencil and paper.

Yes, a paper planner.

I make time for a paper, handwritten planner every day, and I can honestly say, ALL areas of my life are better for it.

I recently was on a call with a fellow entrepreneur whose business brings in millions of dollars and he told me, “The salespeople on my team who consistently bring in the highest number of sales are the ones who are dedicated to their daily planner every.single.day.” 

Interesting, right? I was telling him about the Highest Potential Planner and he told me that story above in response. It didn’t take much for him to believe in the power of a planner because he had seen it first-hand.

Now that I’ve stated my case I’d like for you, my fellow High Performers, to consider the following benefits of using a paper planner for YOUR life and biz.  Even if you feel like there is absolutely no way you could ever fit this habit into your routine, I encourage you to read the benefits below before you write it off.


A Moment To Destress and Declutter With Less Distractions 

We’ve all been there, the to-do list is never-ending, and let’s face it, it always will be! 

By taking the time to write out the schedule, the lists, the needs, the priorities, the meetings...literally all of the things… your brain gets a chance to SEE it all in one place and unravel it. As you physically take time to write out each thing, your brain can declutter itself and ultimately destress. Think of this like the chore of putting away all of the dishes after preparing a huge meal that requires every utensil and pot; the dirty dishes piled high are overwhelming, but each dish put away where it belongs brings peace. 

I have more peace and less stress from using a physical, paper planner to help me coordinate my mental chaos of all the things begging for my attention. 


The Ability To Target and Maintain Alignment

When we allow our calendars to rule us rather than the opposite, we are much more prone to allow our priorities to get shuffled. We High Performers know the importance of maintaining priorities and keeping our lives in alignment with our goals; but, if you aren’t keeping track and paying close enough attention to how each day's duties, tasks, and commitments align, how will you know?

I believe there’s a potential for a slippery slope to happen here! Using a paper planner will allow you to be proactive rather than reactive about keeping what you plan, schedule, and do in alignment with your core values and mission. 


A Chance To Review and Track Your Progress for Momentum 

This is perhaps one of the most motivating reasons to interact with a paper planner! 

Tracking your daily, weekly, and monthly progress builds momentum! Instead of feeling chained to the feeling that all you are doing is running, running, running, you’ll be able to look back at all that you are accomplishing and see that you are crushing goals and making dreams happen. Or you’ll be able to see the opposite and have a great view of what needs to come off of your plate or what needs to change.

I believe that using a paper planner is more than just a way to manage your time, this is a way to preserve your purpose! 


A Chance To Set An Intention For Your Day

When you go into your day without setting an intention, it’s hard to know what to focus on and it’s also hard to know whether or not your day was successful. When you give your brain a target by setting an intention for both what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel, you’ll end your days feeling more and more successful.

So what are you waiting for? Just 5 minutes in your morning can change everything! 

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