How to Cultivate Focus and Mental Clarity

clarity focus Nov 28, 2023

There's no doubt about it: we live in a world where distractions abound and the demands on our attention seem endless. From neverending access to work email and social media to navigating everyday life, cultivating focus and mental clarity has become a highly desirable skill!

Finding out how to decrease distractions and concentrate is not only a valuable asset but also essential for overall well-being. But let's be honest, it's easier said than done.

While learning to cultivate clarity and increase your focus is the goal, it's a process that continually evolves. After all, distractions just keep coming and they morph themselves just when you think you're on top of it! But the good news is, there are some practical strategies to help!


How to Cultivate Focus and Mental Clarity

  1. Mindful Awareness: One of the keys to cultivate focus is practicing mindful awareness. This is a huge part of Waking Up To Your Life. Mindfulness involves paying attention...
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The Art of Being An Influential Communicator

When most people think about communication, they think about talking.

But effective communication isn't just about words; it's about listening, connection, and influence! 

Believe it or not, better communication doesn't start with talking, it actually starts with active listening.

Active listening is truly engaging with the speaker, asking clarifying questions, and showing that you value their perspective. Too many times people are more focused on what they want to say that they don't bring anything that the other person says into the response and they also provide little to no value.

The fact is, you will never be an influential communicator or leader if you don't stop and take the time to listen. Why? Because when people feel heard, they are more likely to be open to what you have to say––to be influenced

Being an active listener is the foundation for communicating in an influential way, but it takes more than that. Keep reading to see more skills you can...

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How to Achieve 10x More by Doing Less

It's a common thought that if you want to get more results, you have to work more. CEO's, business owners and entrepreneurs are definitely known for their hard work ethic and putting in extra hours to find success.

But what if their achievements weren't because they left zero room for free time and were workaholics, but due to something else?

Lately, I have been digging into Dan Sullivan's book, 10x is Easier than 2x and to say that it's rocking my world is an understatement. The entire premise is that people who aim to 10x their success actually work less than people who just shoot to 2x their success.

No really, it's true.

That's because people who aim past just a little more than what they're currently doing (i.e. 2x), are doing what they normally do and aren't changing much. They are operating from what's worked for them in the past. Meanwhile, people who want to 10x have a laser focus. They realize that they need to throw off 80% of what they do to just get...

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The Importance Of Decluttering Your Mind

clarity May 08, 2020

When it comes to making meaningful changes in life, we often have to go through a cleaning and decluttering process. Just like we take time to purge our home of old, broken or no longer used items, so it goes with changing our mindset.


While there are many things in life that we find ourselves unable to control, our mind is not one of them. As meaningful human beings, we have the power to direct our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions. This has never been more important to understand than right now, in the midst of a world pandemic, the likes of which most of us have never experienced before.


We Can't Control Our Circumstances


We’ve all become quickly aware that the circumstances surrounding us are not within our control. We can no more change the path of an invisible virus than we can control how those around us handle the situation. But you can control your thoughts and manage your emotions in a healthy way in spite of the worry, fear and anxiety...

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How To Easily Evaluate Business Opportunities

clarity productivity Apr 22, 2020

You’ve done it.


You’ve hit your stride and business is booming. You can barely remember what free time looked or felt like, but you’re ok with that.


If you’ve struggled with growing your business, this can feel like a welcome time of growth and opportunity. But eventually, you will need to get "picky" about your opportunities so that you can provide the best service. Now, it’s you choosing who fits your mission the best, instead of the other way around.


But how do you choose between competing opportunities? While it’s tempting to pick the business that will pay the most, that is only the tip of the iceberg.


I’m here to help you with a simple way to evaluate your opportunities in order to be the most successful.


First and foremost, it’s important that you are taking on work that exceeds your own terms of agreement. What goes into your terms? Consider how much time, energy, resources, money and sanity...

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3 Ways to Change Your Habits to Reach the Success You Want

clarity productivity Mar 04, 2020

Everybody wants success. And wanting success isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes we forget that the little decisions we make today are either helping or hurting our chances for success in the long run.


Think about it...if you keep doing the same thing every day but wanting different results, it's not going to happen! It's time to change your habits. While change is uncomfortable, you can’t expect new results if you keep doing the same thing, day in and day out.


It sounds easy, but I’ll be the first to admit that changing habits is difficult. After all, habits are almost mindless–– we do them without thinking! Habits are powerful but they can be reshaped if we take time to learn about why we do them and then become intentional about change.


Here are a few ways to start changing your habits so you find the success you want.


1. Find clarity.

People often think that they lack motivation when it comes to achieving their goals....

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How To Find Clarity And Why It's Important

clarity Feb 26, 2020

When it comes to finding success and becoming a high-performer, it often comes down to one thing: finding clarity. Not having clarity can prove to be a huge hindrance to your success. It's like going on a trip without a destination in mind. It may feel freeing and fun at first, but eventually, you'll be worn out from driving in circles and wasting your time.


Best-Selling Author Steven Maraboli once said, “A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success.”


I don't want you putting the brakes on your progress, so if you don't have clarity about who you are or where you're going in life, it's time to get clear on where you're headed before you push down on that accelerator.


What is clarity?


Finding clarity can easily be thought of as having a "knowing" about the direction you want to go in major life areas such as: work, relationships, health, finances, and more! Clarity can look different for everyone, but most successful people...

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A Few Things You Need to Know About Your Strengths

clarity Feb 19, 2020

Whenever I begin coaching a client, I spend time trying to learn as much as I can about them. I try to understand the gap between who they are and what they do now and who they want to be and what they want to do in the future.


One way I dig in is to ask my clients about their strengths and weaknesses. I do this for two reasons: to see which they can naturally describe to me (strengths or weaknesses) and to see how accurate they are when they take a strengths assessment -- how self-aware is my client?


More times than not, my clients are able to describe their weaknesses in more detail and have to pause and think about their strengths, only coming up with maybe two or three strengths because I push for an answer. I used to be surprised at the fact that they could describe their weaknesses in a lot of detail yet not be familiar with their giftings. But now I expect it.


The definition of a strength is “anything that produces near-perfect performance...

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How to Easily Let Go of The Past And Plan A Better Future

clarity Jan 17, 2020

Have you ever experienced the power of participating in a visualization?

As a life coach, I am all about providing tools to anyone who is looking for personal development help. Visualizations are one of many tools I use when a client needs assistance formulating a new perspective, so I wanted to give you all a taste.

Last week, I hosted a local vision board workshop out of my home, and I wrote a visualization exercise to help participants let go of the previous year so they can fully step into the present year. However, this exercise can be used no matter what time of year because it's all about letting go of the past and planning a better future.

 One of the definitions for "visualization" is that it’s the formation of a mental image of something. Visualizations are effective because they involve almost all of your senses: vision, auditory, and tactile. It also involves emotions and the mood of someone. That’s what I want to help you create...a mental image of your...

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An Easy Guide For Effective Communication

clarity high performance Nov 30, 2019
Communication can be between spouses, other times it’s between friends, coworkers, employees or new acquaintances. But no matter who the communication is between, we all have room to improve because communication is one of the most important factors for relationships to operate at their best.
Most of us can accept the fact that there is more we can learn about the best ways we communicate with others, but there’s also more we can learn about being the recipient of other’s communication.
Have you ever thought about your responsibility as a message recipient?
When it comes to communication, you have no control over the way other’s communicate, but you DO have control over how you choose to interpret and respond. The way you choose to interpret other’s communication is far more important than what it is they say. Interpretation is everything. This is exactly why two people can say and hear the same thing but it can be...
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