Navigating Difficult Times: Finding Growth Through Hardship

Author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said:

"Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful."

This quote perfectly aligned with a thought I had just the other day about going through hard times. What if we shifted our perspective from "I'm going through a hard time" to "I'm growing through a hard time?"

I've gone through hard times like everyone else, but lately, I've been reflecting on how I have grown so much through those experiences. When I think of those times in terms of growing, it is so much more motivating! Those seasons of my life don't feel as if they were for nothing when I look back and see the growth that happened. 

I don't reflect on a difficult season as a time I could not get through or was too weak to handle. When I choose to see all the areas where I learned, despite it being a challenging time, I can clearly see all the areas where I am better now than before

Here are some simple ways to...

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The Art of Being An Influential Communicator

When most people think about communication, they think about talking.

But effective communication isn't just about words; it's about listening, connection, and influence! 

Believe it or not, better communication doesn't start with talking, it actually starts with active listening.

Active listening is truly engaging with the speaker, asking clarifying questions, and showing that you value their perspective. Too many times people are more focused on what they want to say that they don't bring anything that the other person says into the response and they also provide little to no value.

The fact is, you will never be an influential communicator or leader if you don't stop and take the time to listen. Why? Because when people feel heard, they are more likely to be open to what you have to say––to be influenced

Being an active listener is the foundation for communicating in an influential way, but it takes more than that. Keep reading to see more skills you can...

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