5 Valuable Tips to Help You Make Better Decisions

high performance Nov 09, 2019
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We have choices each and every day for how we spend our time. But it's more important to do "the right things" than it is to simply achieve. We have to decide what the "right things" are!
It’s hard to know what decisions are worth investing our time making and which ones ultimately aren’t that important. We can spend our whole days doing, doing, and doing, but just because something is achievable, doesn’t mean it’s what is important. We can make dozens of decisions each day that have nothing to do with what's actually important in the long-run.
Our days consist of a series of decisions. Some decisions drastically impact our lives while others don’t have as much risk involved. For example, choosing what you want to eat for breakfast impacts your life a lot less than choosing to pay for that extra training or seminar to help get you to...
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3 Powerful Thoughts Keeping You From Success

energy Nov 02, 2019

The journey to success can be scary. There are many unknowns, and our fear supersedes our ambition. We hear about the success of others and secretly wish we had a similar story to tell and the secret of how to be successful. Sure, we imagine and dream ourselves into scenarios where we are doing what we love and are financially secure, but then reality hits and we are back working that 9-5 just to make ends meet. 


So what keeps us from success? Is it our circumstances or the people around us? Truthfully, we are typically standing in our own way!


Here are three lies we tell ourselves that keep us from success:


1. There's someone better.

Instead of acknowledging our strengths and what we contribute to the world, it's easier to convince ourselves that there is someone better equipped, trained, and capable. We discount ourselves before we even try, and we imagine there is a better fit.


Remember: You are unique. You offer value unlike...

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There's a Reason You Love Social Media Personality Quizzes

high performance Sep 01, 2019

I come from an extremely tight-knit family. Have you ever seen a show called Parenthood? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. And I love it! Growing up, we always had dinner together, went to each other’s activities, and celebrated every milestone with genuine support and encouragement. We still do, although dinner has turned into one night a week now that we are grown and out of the house.

Though always close, I grew up feeling different. Like as much as I wanted to fit into the family, I just didn’t — or so it seemed. When the women in my family wanted to shop and accessorize their outfits, I wanted to sit and have deep conversations. While my family members talked about the recent football or basketball stats of their favorite teams, I barely knew what team played what sport. While my parents and siblings laid out on the beach for each family vacation, I wanted to either learn more about the locals or travel somewhere different each year. I could go on...

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Managing Your Thoughts

energy Sep 10, 2018

Most of us allow our feelings to be determined by whatever circumstances we are experiencing. Whatever happens to us each day defines how we feel. This creates a roller coaster of emotions with very little control. However, when we realize the power we have over our thoughts, we are able to choose the kind of feelings we have and that impacts the actions we take that give us the kind of lives we want!

If you are experiencing joy, embrace it. But if you are stuck and at the mercy of your circumstances, know that only you have the power to change. Be a noticer and a manager of your thoughts and watch the feelings you experience and the actions you take begin to align with the life you want for yourself.

This episode covers the process of managing your thoughts and why it’s important!


The Life Coach School Self-Coaching Model

4 Steps To Control Your Thoughts And Lead A Happier Life

How Changing Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

3 Thoughts Keeping You...

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Just Be

clarity Jan 01, 2018

What would your life look like if you focused less on what you were meant to “do” and cared more about creating the kind of person you want to be? This episode will give you tips on how to focus more on “being” instead of “doing.” Each and every day you have the power to create your future self! What are you doing now to become who you want to be tomorrow?

Stop waiting for joy and fulfillment to come into your life, and start creating it!

Here are four practical ways to get you started:

  1. Notice what you are feeding yourself that will one day grow into your future self.
  2. Acknowledge the POWER you have to choose the direction of your life.

  3. Talk with people you admire who live lives more focused on “being” than “doing,” and ask them how they do it!

  4. Write down everything about who you want to be.

“If you want to be something you’ve never been, you have to do something you’ve never done.”...

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