The Key to Breaking Bad Habits

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you know that I love a good discussion about habits. Whether good or bad, we all have them. If you’ve clicked on this post today though, you know we are talking about habits you want to break...habits that are no longer serving the person you want to become.


Bad habits are something that have evolved within our life that usually have some sort of pay off that we find rewarding. Maybe it’s the feeling of a lazy day spent on the couch avoiding chores, or avoiding that sense of anxiety by procrastinating on a big work project. Either way, the immediate gratification of embracing that bad habit is so enticing that we find ourselves doing it over and over.


But news flash! All those bad habits don’t offer any rewards! They continue to just bring short term “happiness,” causing you to miss out on all the goodness that is otherwise out there.


So how do you break bad habits? It’s not as...

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The Importance of Being Proactive (& Why Being Reactive Isn't for You)

In my time as a high performance coach, I’ve seen traits that high performers possess that set them apart. One of the most important qualities of someone who continually finds success has got to be this: they are proactive, not reactive.


What’s the difference? 


A proactive person is one who plans. They plan their day, their week, their month, and even their year! (Yes, I just made a FRIENDS reference).  High performers foresee challenges and eliminate the problems before they have a chance to come to fruition. And they have a clear direction for where they want to go so they don’t get sidetracked by distractions or the need to put out fires (that may not be fires at all). 


The opposite of a proactive person is a reactive person, who waits for an issue to arise and then starts to problem solve. Reactive people don’t have a clear picture so they get tossed around reacting to whatever comes their way and often not progressing...

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Here's How to Stop Being Busy All the Time

When it comes to being a high performer, a lot of people believe that the quickest way to reach success is to work harder. And working harder usually equates to being busy. After all, if you’re busy, you must be accomplishing a lot, right?


Not necessarily.


First, let’s admit that high performers have a natural tendency to be busy people. They are hard working, go-getters, and make things happen. That can often present itself as a constant state of frenzy. 


We’ve likely all been there, especially when we’re trying to launch a new business or level-up!


But let’s be honest––it’s not sustainable. And it’s also not productive!


A healthy high performer (or someone who is working towards health) spends their time and productivity working on the right next steps or their habits.


High performers who are in a healthy place aren’t thinking about how many meetings they can squeeze into a...

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4 Habits That High Performers Underestimate

As a high performer, you know that habits are a crucial part of success. Habits set you apart and help you hit new levels that otherwise would be hard to attain.  


Author of High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard, shares that to become a high performer, you must seek clarity, generate energy, raise necessity, increase productivity, develop influence, and demonstrate courage.


Following those habits, I wanted to share four underestimated habits that I’ve found sets my high performing clients up for success. 


They Embrace Mornings

While not every high performer is a morning person, they do choose to make the best of them. Starting the day off so that you have clarity, direction, and purpose is a big part of reaching high performance.


I personally am NOT a morning person, but what I do is set intentions in the morning to be sure I’m in charge of my day and not letting the day be in charge of me. You don’t have to wake up at...

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3 Simple Tips to Build Good Habits & Make Them Stick

When you hear the word “habit,” you likely think of something negative. Biting your nails, procrastinating, or scrolling through social media could be just a few things that pop into your mind. But habits aren’t all bad. In fact, you actually need good habits in your life if you want to be a high performing individual.


When you develop and maintain good habits, they can get you where you want to go faster. While it definitely takes discipline, the result is far worth the effort. So what are some tips on building good habits, but more importantly making them stick? 


Keep reading to find out!


Start Small

Let’s be honest, once you’re in the mindset to make healthy changes, you’re all in! It can be tempting to completely overhaul your lifestyle or work ethic, but the fact is, starting small almost certainly guarantees your habits will stick.


If you set out with too many things to tackle, you’re much more likely...

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Why Self-Help Books Aren't Helping You Find Success

Have you ever found yourself buying a self-help book, excited to dig in and make some big changes? You grab that shiny new highlighter, get to reading and are amazed at all the goodness inside! You are ready for it to change your life, but then...the changes don’t come.


What are you doing wrong?


Chances are, you put a little too much faith in the book and not enough in yourself. See, the self-help book industry is worth billions of dollars and it banks on hooking people in and supplying an endless stream of content when the results don’t come to fruition.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a self-help book. They actually ARE really helpful––if you do it right. I read them all the time and am the first to recommend a good book as well. However, I’ve got a few reasons why your self-help books aren’t helping you find success, and what to do about it.


1. You aren’t applying what you learn.

Self-help books are no...

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5 Reasons You Need Accountability to Meet Your Goals

Goal setting is a big topic in the new year, but here's the thing...setting goals is not enough. You need a plan to put in place to make your goals a reality!


One part of that plan needs to be accountability.


Unless you have accountability, you’re probably going to give up before you reach all your goals.


In this article, I'm going to share about how accountability is important and how a coach can keep you on track for making 2021 productive for you.


1. Accountability Keeps Your Goals on Your Radar

We all set goals with the best intentions, but then life just gets in the way. A busy home life, work, kids sporting events and global issues (hello, pandemic) can easily come between you and your goals. It’s not uncommon to forget about them entirely!


That’s where a coach who offers accountability comes into play. They’ll check in on regular intervals and remind you of your endgame. They’ll offer the encouragement you want...

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Automate And Delegate To Improve Your Time Management

productivity Jun 09, 2020

"I need more time."


"I wish there were more hours in the day."


Do these sound familiar? As entrepreneurs and business people, we are all challenged with making the most of the time we have each day because many of us don't have someone managing our time for us and telling us what to do. We are on our own to manage our time well, and it comes easier to some of us than others.


We want to put forth our best effort, but the day-to-day duties that keep our business running can often make us feel like we are constantly doing menial tasks and never making REAL progress.


If you find yourself struggling to use your time more wisely, then keep reading to find a few simple tips for learning how to sharpen your time management skills.


1. Ask yourself: “What’s the best use of my time?”


If you’ve started your business from the ground up, you’ve probably carried out every job possible, from scrubbing the toilets to balancing...

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Where To Start To Reach High-Performance

high performance Jun 02, 2020

You’ve probably heard the term “high performance” before (especially if you've hung around me before *wink*). Whether it’s in your Instagram feed, from one of your favorite YouTubers, or maybe an email has popped up in your inbox with this phrase, you've seen the term.


When I first heard this term, I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I wanted to know more because I felt like it described the way I wanted to approach life that I had never had words to describe before. I was always the person who wanted more...not in a dissatisfied way, but in a growth-oriented way, and high-performers are this same way!


High performance can be defined as consistently succeeding on a long term basis, and beyond what most people define as standard. Basically, it’s going above and beyond more often than not, and meeting and exceeding your goals!


Who wouldn’t want that?


Now that you know the definition, your next question is probably...

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What Is High-Performance & How You Can Get There

high performance May 28, 2020

As a coach, I often get asked about what “high performance” means, and how it differs from any other type of coaching. To pare it down to the most basic description, someone who is a high performer is one who reaches for and sustains the highest levels of performance and potential in all that they do.


Now, this doesn't mean high performers are perfect, it just means they are always striving for optimized living.


The fact is, most of us want to become the best at what we do. We don’t wake up wanting a mediocre day, with average results. We want to reach success, and we want to keep doing it over a long period of time.


So how do you become a high performer?


Research has shown that high performers have several things in common that set them apart from others. Let’s take a look at 5 qualities of high performance that Brendon Burchard has researched in his High-Performance Training.




High performers know who they...

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